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Kaddy Kap is the First and Only reusable and universal flip-top bottle cap that threads onto standard Beer, Soda and Water bottles.


Why use Kaddy Kap?

Identifies Your Bottle

With Kaddy Kap you can easily identify your

bottle from the rest.  No More Lost Drinks!


Kaddy Kap is 100% Spill AND Leak Proof.

Bottles Often Spill but NOT ANYMORE!

Keeps Drink cooler

Using Kaddy Kap has proven to

keep drinks Colder for Longer!

Carabiner & Keychain Loop

Clip on your favorite Carabiner or

Key Ring to Kaddy Kap and make your

bottle Easy to Carry!

keeps out bugs & dirt

Kaddy Kap keeps your drink in and

keeps Bugs, Sand and Pool Water OUT!

Dual Thread technology

Our Patent Pending Dual Thread Design

fits Beer, Soda and Water bottles in 

Glass, Plastic and Aluminum!

Where to use Kaddy Kap?

Tailgating & Sporting Events


OUTDOORS / Camping

On the go / in the car

golfing & Fishing

anytime a bottle is in hand!

Pre-Order Your Kaddy Kap Today!

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